Love Extravagantly!

To love extravagantly must require the whole heart and soul.  Every part of your being warms at the thought of the one you love extravagantly.  Some how your lungs have a greater capacity as you breathe.  The knowledge that your love is returned brings peace and joy that fills you to overflowing.  How can you give the one you love any less?  How could you withhold any part of that extravagant love from the one you said, “Till death do us part?”  Their well-being must come before yours, as Christ loved us first. How do you accomplish this?  Christ loved whether or not it was returned when He gave His life for each of us.  If you want to love extravagantly, you must first die to self and selfishness.  If you continually ask, “What’s in it for me?” you will never find extravagant love.  Instead ask, “How can I show them my love?”  Extravagant love begins with self-less love.

Just as Christ laid down for us, can you lay yourself down for Him?  Can you love Christ extravagantly? 

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