Reject the Status Quo

A church that doesn’t engage the youth is destin to die.   It is sad to see a small congregation pouring themselves into their comfortable system.  Their system caters to the very young and for the rest, its just what they’ve always done.  The problem is that looking around the sanctuary there were very few youth (13 – 17).  Of those in attendance, none of them were actively engaged.  When the youngest were dismissed for children’s church, most of the youth popped up to go help.  It is amazing when you can get a 1:1 ratio for kid to worker in the childrens group. 

I sure don’t have all the answers, but I do have children.  I am certain that if the only exposure to the Christian church is through a congregation that is stuck in their old ways, they will bolt from the church the first chance they get.  We visited just such a church and my 10 year old couldn’t wait to leave.  He got nothing from the experience.  I pray that they will grow and find a way to connect with their youth. 

I am reading Seth Godin’s “Tribes”.   Instead of maintaining the status quo that worked for our parents, we need to create a tribe for the youth within the Christian churches.  Engage the youth and challenge them to change the world around them, to become leaders who reject the status quo and create their own future.

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