Hurricane Ike’s Blessings

Even though it has been months since hurricane Ike, we are just now getting through the red tape to get our hurricane repairs completed.  In the midst of the disaster, we saw Texans rise to the occasion and help each other rather than whine and complain about what wasn’t being done fast enough.  The news coverage tends to focus on only the negative, so you don’t hear about the good things people do.  On some streets, where trees blocked the roads, neighborhoods got together and cleared the debris so everyone had a clear path.  The true Texan is never a victim.

Now, looking back, I see that God has blessed our household through the delay.  When we finally got a contractor, he went to bat for us with the insurance company for items that should have been part of the claim, but weren’t even mentioned by the insurance adjuster.  God blessed us with a man of integrity to make sure our repairs are just right.  God blessed us with our house being livable during this time.  God blessed us that we had a home to come back to.  God blessed us by a woman, who’s house had been badly damaged, came to check to see if we were ok.

No place in the world is immune to the possibility of disaster.  Likewise, no place is too far for God to bless.  I am glad I got the opportunity to witness first hand the blessings from God that come through the people around you.

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