Joint Economic Committee Warns Beware of the Budget

We the people need to watch more closely what our representatives are doing to us.  The April 3, 2009 Press Release # 111-5 from the Congressional Joint Economic Committee warns that the projections used to calculate the budget deficits for the Administration’s proposal are flawed.

“The Administration’s unduly optimistic economic assumptions are a major problem. These optimistic assumptions are a key foundation of the President’s budget proposals, and lead to artificially low deficit and debt projections. No wonder The Economist called the assumptions in the Administration’s budget “deeply flawed” in an article entitled, “Wishful, and dangerous, thinking.” Their effect is to make the Administration’s expansive new spending proposals look less threatening than they actually are.”

“The Democrats’ budget will add yet more deficit spending and debt to the huge amounts of each already in the pipeline. The result will be much higher taxes and inflation in the future, and lower economic growth. Higher inflation in coming years will further reduce the American standard of living as incomes and retirement funds are further eroded. The last time Democrats controlled both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue for a significant length of time was in the 1970s and stagflation was the result, so nobody should be surprised if history repeats itself.”

If the Joint Economic Committee is warning of dire consequences if the Democrats continue on their current course, then shouldn’t WE THE PEOPLE continue our outcry long past Tax Day. WE THE PEOPLE need to raise up a leader that we can all believe in. WE THE PEOPLE will deserve what we get if we just sit in our living rooms angry about what is transpiring, but refusing to get out of our comfort zone and remind our Representatives that


If you don’t know who your representatives are, follow these links:

US Senate

US House of Representatives

In Texas

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