Thomas Paine: On the Stimulus

This video says powerfully the message that we need to hear about what’s going on in Washington.

This video is from the YouTube Funbobbasso Channel:

We the people have an obligation to honor our history and protect our future for our children.  We the people cannot let the momentum of the Tea Parties die out before we get Washington’s ear.  Let them know


Make your voice heard, contact your representatives both on the state and national levels.


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2 responses to “Thomas Paine: On the Stimulus

    • cariray

      Pacer521 – Thanks for stopping by my blog. I followed your link and read your opinions. Even though we do not agree about the Tea Parties, I do respect your right to have your own opinion. That’s what freedom is about.

      The tea parties are a result of government spending hitting a critical mass that made me and many like me unable to remain silent any longer. It is the frustration of the people who feel like they aren’t being heard or represented. The combination of special interests and selective journalism have left many of us doubting that anyone is even listening. Some reports about the Tea parties vilified the demonstrators with ridiculous accusations of racism, hating, and unhealthy for America. Why is it when liberals have a dissenting voice its healthy for America? However, when the tables are turned the conservative voices are ridiculed, belittled and shouted down.

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