Global Warming and Alarmist Policies


As a chemist, I will offer my opinion that it is arrogant to believe that we can fix the most highly complex equilibruim that makes up the environment of the earth.   To assume that we can correctly predict the outcome of our actions is foolish.  On a small scale, we reap what we have sown.  Yes, we can cause a small locale to be polluted, but left to its own devices, nature will reclaim it. Granted probably not on any useful timeframe, but eventually.

Nature itself has caused periods of climate change. Before man had any technology, there have been periods of warming and cooling, i.e., ice ages. Another well documented example is that huge volcanic erruptions block sunlight because of the volcanic ash that is suspended in our atmosphere, thus causing a period of cooler temperatures. One suggestion brought forward to prevent global warming  is that we should shoot particulate matter into the atmosphere to protect us from the sun’s UV rays.   This could not have been thought out to a logical conclusion.

Consider this, if you block sunlight through the use of particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere you will cause a period of cooler weather. This in turn will lessen the growing season for farming due to these cooler temperatures and less available sunlight. This, in turn would lead to wide spread famine since food is now scarce. Now that plants don’t have adequate sunlight to fuel photosynthesis, we have don’t have the oxygen production we once had. Hand in hand with that, we also don’t have the CO2 being used by plants, causing it to build up in the atmosphere.  Eventually, probably after we’re all dead, nature will reclaim it’s equilibrium and things will grow once again like it always does after a volcanic erruption.

As for the greenhouse gases Americans contribute to the atmosphere as compared to the total volume present, how are we going to cause such a huge permanent shift in the climate to make all of this worth the pain it will ultimately cause? Especially since the rest of the world is NOT going to follow suit on CO2 control, isn’t this like spitting in the wind? We are ultimately going to cripple our own ability to survive in the global market for a plan no one can prove will work. Equilibriums are slippery stuff, sometimes you get an outcome you didn’t expect.

How about a safer alternative. Support Arbor Day, plant more trees. They like CO2 and they were here before we were.  No, I do not support pollution.  If you make a mess, clean it up.

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