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Stand Up and Be Counted

1930 Federal Census - RohnerSo, why would anyone care if the census numbers were skewed?  Consider carefully that if an area were to be tallied much greater than it had in the past, it may push that region past the threshold to get an additional seat in the House of Representatives.  Now say, you were reasonably certain this area would elect one party preferentially over the other, you might well have the motive for excluding the “Right-Wing Extremists” from the census process.  Without the opposition to keep everyone on the up and up, you would then be able to pad the census in left leaning areas and maybe lighten the count in the more conservative regions. Thus guaranteeing the dominance of the party in power.

There seems to be a systematic shut out of anyone who disagrees with the White House.   Bob Unruh with World Net Daily charges that there is a political policy in Washington that transcends federal agencies:

The U.S. Census Bureau, reflecting what apparently is becoming a political position that involves more than one federal agency, has listed “hate groups,” “law enforcement” “and “anti-immigrant groups” among those that would be refused permission to become a partner with the 2010 Census.

Who are included in these hate groups? Of course, those dangerous right-wing extremists, people who support traditional marriage, people who support the right-to-life, and everyone else Janet Napolitano had mentioned in her warning about hate groups.

In the interest of maintaining the iron fisted Democratic control of both the House and Senate, influencing the Census would nearly guarantee the eventual extinction of any conservative voice in Washington.  Unless we are willing to let the erosion of our Constitutional rights continue, we must stand up and be counted in the census, in the polls and hopefully be heard in the media.  God Bless America!

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Can Justice Be Color Blind?

Blind_Justice_red.svg.medThis White house certainly feels no qualms about telling people to tread lightly when dissenting opinions are voiced.  The White House Press Secretary warned when asked about Newt Gingrich’s blog comments about Ms. Sotomayor being racist.

“I think it is probably important for anybody involved in this debate to be exceedingly careful with the way in which they’ve decided to describe different aspects of this impending confirmation,” Gibbs said.

If our Constitutional right to free speech is as of now still in tact, I don’t see how one would need to treat Ms. Sotomayor any differently than all of the preceding Supreme Court nominees that have been subjected to far worse commentary by the left.  I wonder if the 1st Amendment will expire when the opposing voices get so loud that not even NBC can ignore them.

No where in the Constitution is there any sort of quota for representation in Washington except by census (population numbers not origin).  So when this nation was first settled was any consideration given to the selection of  Senators and Representatives based on their ethnic origins?  I think not.  So why now are we giving such weight to race when their education, experience and track records are the only things that matter.  If we allow quota’s to become the rule, then good, qualified, deserving individuals that have earned the right to be considered will be passed over due a skewed sense of racism if the right set of candidates is not presented.

Consider Ms. Sotomayor’s track record.  If you look, you will find several cases where the higher court overturned her ruling.  Last time I checked, this wasn’t exactly a desirable trait in a jurist whether they are male, female, Latina, or any other form of Hyphenated-American.  Once we had a great melting pot for our society.  Speak up and speak out so that our “certain unalienable rights” given to us by our creator won’t be washed away with the liberal tide.

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Will Justice Still Be Blind?

Blind_Justice.svg.medThe role of the Supreme Court Justices often remains a lofty ideal, but not one that intrudes daily into our living rooms.   With President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, America needs to take notice and speak out.  Judge Sotomayor is being considered, not because of an impressive record as a Constitutional Jurist, but for her radical record as a judicial activist.

– Supreme Court nominee, federal appeals court judge Sonia Sotomayor, speaking to a Berkeley La Raza Law Journal in 2001.

Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences … our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging. … I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.

My understanding of the Constitution leads me to say that if Judge Sotomayor is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice we will see a rapid erosion of the cornerstone of our form of government.  If she is allowed to use “richness of her experiences” to help her determine whether or not a situation is or is not Constitutional, I fear for our future.  Justice is supposed to be blind to gender and national origins.  How then will being white or male going to make you any less qualified to determine Constitutionality?

How long will it take for her to suggest quotas in justice?  For intance, her recent case where she denied Mr. Ricci’s valid claim for a promotion because of the Captains/Leutenants exam in the New England Fire Deptarment had 15 passing scores, but none were African-American.  Would it be a huge leap to go from this opinion to one that denied white men access to Congress because there weren’t enough representatives of other races? There are other examples

Let me state clearly that I am not against African-American’s, though I am a bit bothered by hyphenated-Americans.  We ALL need to be American’s first and foremost.  A divided house will fall.  Let me also state clearly that I don’t think race makes you any more or less qualified for any position.  Education, experience and drive are what matters.

It it offensive to my sensibilities that this woman is being given serious consideration.  I am certain there are many more qualified jurists available and more willing to adhere to the letter of the Constitution and not just make it up as they go along; ones that are not routinely overturned by higher courts.

I urge everyone to speak  up and let their Congressmen know how you feel.  Remember, they work for you.  Unless you hold their feet to the fire and make them accountable to the people they represent, they will do what is best for their careers.

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I Do, Except the Obey Part!

Marriage_Certificate“Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.” (ESV Col. 3:18)  This single, seemingly archaic, statement causes self-respecting women everywhere to dig in their heels, hold their shoulders back and boldly refuse.  Strong, intelligent women wonder why how could any man expect me to pledge to him that I would obey?  In an era of equality of the sexes, it might be just as likely that he should pledge to obey me.  If anyone is going to dominate in a relationship, that role is going to be won by force; a victory that won’t come cheap.  Surely logic and reason will prevail in this matter…or at least political correctness.

Oh ladies, our mother’s have taught us well.  Ever since we could remember, we were told we could be anything we wanted to be.  We were taught that we were every bit as good as a man in the work place.  The mantra of equality of the sexes was non-stop during my formative years.  Society was being told women could “bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan” on TV.  We didn’t know it, but we were being groomed to become a generation of unsuspecting feminists.  Merriam-Webster defines feminism as: “1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, or 2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.”  (Merriam-Webster Online)

With that mindset, it’s not unreasonable that women would refuse to be so weak or foolish to allow a mere man to be in authority over us.  After all, he’s not God.  We women are smart.  We’re capable.  No man can push us around.  We won’t stand for it!  As a group, women tend to think of a woman who submits to her husband’s authority as weak, or stupid.  We pity her.  She should stand up and be strong like we were groomed to be.  She should take back control of her life and establish equality in her marriage.  We can teach her if she’d only listen and learn like we did.  She can learn to be just like us.  Feminists.

To make the concept of the husband’s Godly authority more difficult for modern women to accept, TV commercials have done their very best to portray men as weak and women as strong.  One example shows a woman in the arms of a bare-chested Favio clone, complete with his hair blowing in the wind, holding a frozen dairy/coffee concoction in her hand.  She is staring deeply into his eyes as her husband comes in.  She tells him not to be such a baby when he’s not happy to see his wife’s fantasy man; who, by the way, is the total opposite of her husband.  The end result of this commercial is that the woman gets what she wants with no regard to her husband, and the man has to just take it because he’s portrayed as weak.  This ad does nothing good for men or marriage.

As girls, we dream of our knights in shining armor.  We love the tales of the handsome, strong prince that comes to rescue us from our tormentors and slay the horrible dragon.  Boys can become emasculated by society’s insistence that they behave more like girls.  Boys should be rough, tough and ready to begin the next adventure.  They are interested in being heroes.  Instead of fear of the next Columbine, should he show an interest in conquering his realm, we should embrace their God-given nature to grow into princes then kings.  The girls should be allowed to sigh dreamily at the thought of their betrothed prince ready to whisk her away and ride off on the adventure of a lifetime – marriage.

The feministic ideal of equality leaves no room in marriage for anything but democratic rule.  Some of us have insisted that the “obey” part is left out the wedding ceremony.  We also want it left out of our marriages as well.  Men, because of political correctness, and being portrayed as oppressive and evil, have let the feminists have their way.

Before my husband and I got married, we talked about our hopes and dreams for the future.  Even though I wasn’t saved yet, I knew a couple of things I didn’t want from a child’s view of their parent’s marriage.  One thing I agreed to was that if we couldn’t agree, someone would have to make the decision.  Having spent every Christmas Eve re-hashing the same old argument, whether to open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, it seemed practical to make this decision at a moment when everyone was calm.  I agreed to let my husband-to-be make the final decision if we couldn’t agree, but I insisted that we would leave the obey part out of our wedding vows.

Sadly, when women learned to take control of their own destinies, we also learned to rebel against God’s authority.  Throughout the bible, kingdoms illustrate the kind hierarchical authority that Jesus has as the head of the church.  Nowhere does it describe God’s government as a democracy.  In Ephesians Chapter 5, women are told to submit.  “22 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord.”  (ESV)  So women cannot be obedient in God’s eyes and still leave out the obey part.  If women are to obey God in marriage, they must follow Paul’s instructions in Ephesians 5, “24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.” (ESV Eph 5:22-24)  The bible also tells women, “but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.  For this is how the holy women who hoped in God used to adorn themselves, by submitting to their husbands.”  (ESV 1 Peter 3:4-5)  Paul also tells women to “respect her husband.” (ESV Eph 5:33)

Men, at this point it would be good to wonder what responsibility goes with the mantle of God’s delegated authority.  I promise you don’t get appointed cruel dictator once the I do’s are complete.  Your wife doesn’t suddenly become the indentured servant for your amusement.  A huge responsibility is placed on the husband’s shoulders.  Ephesians 5:23 tells men, “For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior.” (ESV)  If you consider these words, a husband’s responsibility is to lay down his life for his wife as Jesus did for the church.  God’s authority passes down from Jesus to the husband.  So, men must submit themselves to God’s authority as the husband.

Husbands are instructed to “love your wives and do not be harsh with them.” (ESV Col. 3:19)  In 1 Peter 3:7, husbands are told to “live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.” (ESV)  If a man does not honor his wife, he separates himself from God.  Paul continues his instruction in Ephesians 5:28, “In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies.  He who loves his wife loves himself.” (ESV)  Let there be no doubt, both husband and wife are under God’s authority.  Each must obey God’s instruction.  To disobey will separate them from God.

Now, all of the loving Christian women in the room are waiting to tell us how, since their husband’s aren’t saved, none of this really applies to them.  Or if their husband isn’t standing up to be the spiritual authority in their household, these same Christian women believe it is their duty to stand up and take charge.  Instead, the bible says, “Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives.”  (Emphasis mine, ESV 1 Peter 3:1-2)  “Won without a word.”  God is telling us to live in obedience to God in front of the one you are trying to win.  You get no points for beating them up with scripture or badgering them with your preaching.

God’s blessings flow through the husband into the marriage.  Both men and women have to live lives of submission to God.  If we are faithful to God’s word, we will be blessed.  In Proverbs, we are told, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”  (ESV 18:22)  It takes a strong woman to submit willingly as an expression of love to both God and her husband.  Submit does not equate to simpering stupidity.  You don’t have to check your brain at the door to be able to live in the full blessings of a biblical marriage relationship.

As for me, I can state unequivocally that in the midst of our biblical marriage, I find greater joy in doing it God’s way.  Little by little as we seek Him and let Him have is way in our lives, the blessings of our marriage relationship increase as the time goes by.  When we renewed our wedding vows after 17 years of marriage I gave my promise to obey with a whole heart.

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An Open Letter To Government

Dear Elected Official,

I can’t stand the thought that somehow the burden of more debt is going to save our country.  STOP SPENDING MONEY.  STOP BAILING OUT.  JUST STOP.  In our personal economies, if we spend too much, eventually the bill comes due.  You either do without to avoid this, or eventually your house of cards will collapse ending in bankruptcy.  It is arrogant to think that we can avoid this.

On general spending.  Please stop.  I don’t want higher taxes.   I don’t want the government to provide everything for everyone.  I believe if a thing is worth having, it is worth working for.  What motivation will people have to rise above the circumstance if the entitlements render it unnecessary?  My children should not have to do without because the government, federal, state, and local wants to be everything to everyone.  This nation was not founded, nor the west settled by a bunch of whiny, nincompoops that can’t be bothered to make the effort to change their own destinies.

I believe we should only do official state business in English (a cost savings).  I have found that there is always someone who can translate if they haven’t bothered to learn English.  I believe it is time to roll up your sleeves and start cutting the size and scope of government.  If government is the only sector of the economy that is growing in employment, then we are in serious trouble.  If there is no REAL business creating wealth, then all the extra American dollars that you print are absolutely worthless.

I believe that we are a Christian nation and founded on Christian principles.  Stop trying to erase God.  I will honor  your right to believe something else, but this is a big part of American History and should not be swept under the carpet like we’re embarrassed.

I believe that each of you have a personal responsibility to  lead the nation in reducing the burden of government on the citizens.  Please keep America a great place to live.  If you don’t change your ways, we will all collapse under the burden of debt and become a 3rd world nation instead.  We’ll be looking for handouts instead of being the one helping.

Also, since when did America suddenly turn it’s back on Israel?  They are not the aggressors.  If America owes anyone an apology, its to Israel for forgetting what the Jewish people suffered that led up to Israel becoming an independent nation.  Israel should NOT be divided, erased or changed except as THEY see fit.  We are not going to have peace in the middle east no matter what you do.  We have lost our sense of direction if we can’t stand up for what is good and right in this world.

What do you think?

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Traditional Marriage – Honor

DSC00665As part of our wedding vows, we promise to love, honor and cherish.  What does it mean to honor your spouse?  How we speak about your spouse to others says a lot.  Do you spend your time griping about those things that aren’t perfect?  Or, do you honor them with your words?  By that I mean can anyone say that you’ve said anything derogatory, anything that implies you don’t respect them, anything that belittles them?  Even if you do have a problem brewing between you and your spouse, do you complain to others and possibly damage their relationship with your spouse in the process? Every time we cross the line and show the world what’s not so good about the person we’ve vowed to share our lives with, we are not holding up our end of the bargain.  We are not honoring them.

I honor my husband by keeping the chinks in his armor to myself.  I am supposed to be his ally so telling where his weaknesses are does not honor him.  No matter how great the infraction, I will not tell others how he failed; it would not honor him.  I only speak to others the words that lift him up and show the world how wonderful he is.  I’m not lying to myself or other people when I do this.  I’m using discretion about what I share so that I present my husband in the best possible light.  Wouldn’t you want the same?  Wouldn’t you want the person who knows whether or not you drool in your sleep to choose not to ridicule you to others?  Honoring your spouse is a key ingredient to a wonderful, fulfilling marriage.  That’s not to say you won’t ever disagree.  Just choose carefully when, where and how you’ll express your opinion.

Also, when you honor your spouse, you remind yourself of all of the good qualities that brought you both together in the first place.  People fail, that’s just part of being human.  When they do, it is much easier to forgive if you can remember why you loved them in the first place.  Do you honor  your spouse?

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Unconditional Love

JesusIn everyday life, do we recognize God’s hand in action?  I think there are many things that slip past us simply because we aren’t looking.  I like to ask the question, “What are the chances?”  What are the chances that your bank awards you a sweepstakes that you didn’t do anything to enter at the same moment that you’re in desperate need of that same amount of money with NO hope of coming up with it on your own?

In fact, this specific example is true.  The previous Sunday at church, I cried through the entire service because I thought we had finally run out of hope.  We needed nearly $5000 to be able to get caught up on our house note.  They had already sent us the warning letter stating that they would foreclose if we didn’t pay and time was running out.  Later the same week, I had a phone call from my bank.  I could hardly believe it was true.  They had awarded me the Sweepstakes for doing something I was already doing, online bill pay.  What are the chances?

Needless to say, as always God’s provision was in time, but I learned that I may not come in ways that I could foresee.  He is constantly moving behind the scenes in ways that we can’t conceive.  This experience reinforced the fact that I can trust God.  I don’t need to be able to predict how his help will come to me.  I don’t have to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together.  All I have to do is trust that God is faithful and that He loves me no matter what.

There have been many times throughout my Christian walk that God has proven Himself faithful.  I am truly blessed that He is willing to do that over and over again when my fears were echoing in my head, drowning out that still quiet voice.  I cannot thank God enough for the many times he’s spared me from what I deserved even when the doubts creep in.  I’m so glad that God knows my heart even when I fail; He loves me unconditionally.

Unconditional love is hard to come by from people.  It is hard to give it.  When was the last time you were able to love with no expectation in return?  When did you love your child without any performance criteria?  It’s easy to say that you love your children no matter what.  Think about what you do.  Is there a statement, “I love you, but…?”  Whether it’s about grades, cleaning their rooms or anything else, if you withhold some of your grace towards them because they disappointed you, your love is not unconditional.

Growing up, I struggled with my weight.  The way my parents talked to me about it made me feel like I had let them down by being heavy.  It was beside the point that I was only eating what was in the house.  This shaped the way I looked at myself.  I was a disappointment.  I didn’t perform as well as my brother did in school, I was heavy and I wasn’t as social as my sister.  It wasn’t until recently that I saw what unconditional love was in action.

Our daughter got in trouble in school.  My husband was sitting in the school office praying about how he should handle it.  God’s answer to him was to treat her as He had treated my husband.  In many ways it’s hard to realize that God is giving us grace every moment of every day; that His love is greater that anything else we can imagine.  Are you capable of that kind of love?  When someone has hurt you can you forgive them unconditionally?  Can you throw that offense as far as the east is from the west?

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Raising Kids in an Amoral Age

tv3What do people fear?  Failure, the lack of acceptance, the dark, to die?  I believe that God wants us to do everything as though we are doing it for Him.  With this approach, should there be any reason to fear failure?  Could we not then face Him upon Judgment Day knowing that we had done our very best for Him?  Excellence is not a trait the current generation is growing up with.  Why?  As parents we have a duty to teach our children to become what God wants them to be.  Laziness, rudeness and selfishness are not gifts of the spirit.  Where did all of this come from?  We lost control over what goes into our children when we let TV be the babysitter.  We probably don’t even know what garbage is going in, but there is no doubt that garbage is coming out.

Two sources that bring the worldliness we never thought our own children would become a part of we pay to have present in our houses.  Knowing it’s very presence is a danger to the tender spirits of our youth, and if we really think about it ourselves as well, the Internet and cable TV are often ruling the evening’s activities.  These uncontrollable windows take center stage in our homes filling our minds with images that we hopefully would have turned away from in person.  Yet, how many hours every day have we turned over our children to the care of MTv/Viacom through Nickelodeon.  They have a platform to subtly plant the seeds of the culture to come.  No one honors families and marriage any more.  Glib and rude are the order of the day.

Worse yet, if you cry out that TV is changing our culture, no one will believe you.  They’ll tell you its not that bad.  Adults have realized that there are bad things on the Internet, yet we seem powerless to stop them.  We have software that can monitor their activities, but nothing can replace the time we should invest in our children.  Our time has become so precious that we don’t even have time to fix dinner at home every night.  We are so tired at the end of the day, we don’t have the energy to invest more of ourselves into the very lives we are responsible for shaping.  “Train them up in the way they shall go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.”  Instead we parents lie to ourselves to say that four hours in front of the TV is spending time with our children.  What are you watching?

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Sound Familiar?

2 Timothy 3:1-5

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.  For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. (ESV)

Every trait listed in these verses is relevant to how our society lives and conducts business.  In every news story you hear, this list is usually well represented.  To go back to Miss California, it would be easy to say that the critics of biblical marriage covered most of this list without even taking a breath.  Charles Madoff fits this bill as well with his world-wide ponzi scheme.  It isn’t hard to come up with example from only current events.

This passage from 2 Timothy concerns the biblical last days.  No matter what you believe about pre-, mid- or post-tribulation rapture, it is a wake-up call for each of us to examine our faith.  I would hate to find out that I had been “having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.”

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A Zombie Attacked My Hunger For God

zombieYears of over committing my time, working two jobs and raising kids left me dead tired at the end of the day.  I couldn’t get everything done.  It was overwhelming.  Slowly, I began making compromises just to be able to get to bed.  It wasn’t long before I let being tired and burned out dwarf my hunger for God.  In the end, I pulled back from everything including God.  Later I found myself looking at my life and wondering how I did I get here?  When I woke up from my Zombie state, constantly shuffling from one obligation to the next, I realized my hunger for God was gone.  I was just going through the motions in my faith too.  I didn’t love God any less; I just let the passion fade away because I was too busy and too tired to do anything about it.

When I first got saved I had some more seasoned spiritual veterans warn that my initial joy and passionate pursuit of God would eventually fade.  Since I could not conceive how this could possibly be true, I didn’t bother asking them why they felt that way.  If I had, maybe I could have guarded my time and my priorities so I wouldn’t have followed in their footsteps.  I have since learned you can’t be everything for everyone.  Only God can.

Lessons learned:

#1 Keep your priorities straight.  Unless you know what is important, it is difficult not to waver when it would be easy to make this one little compromise.  In all things, consider your priorities in this order:

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Family
  4. Work

#2 If God is between you and your spouse, that relationship will be stronger.  Having God as part of your marriage will allow you to weather the many storms life has to offer, together.

#3 Guard your time so that your priorities won’t suffer, see #1.  It is so easy to take on too much.  Each individual task/responsibility doesn’t take much time.  But, when you add them all up, it is easy to over commit your time without even realizing you did it until it is too late.

#4 Live your life so that your priorities are apparent, see #1.  You don’t want to be the one that gets told, “I didn’t know you were a Christian.”  Look at your checkbook.  Where does all the money go?  If you follow your money, you’ll see where your priorities lie.

Life is too short to be consumed by anything but God.  Jobs, success, fear, hate, pressure, jealousy, needs, crises or disasters are just fleeting things to be dealt with.  God is so much greater than anything we may find ourselves in.  “With God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)

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