Book Review: The [Expanded] Bible – New Testament

The Expanded BibleThe Expanded Bible – New Testament is a fresh translation from the original Greek by Tremper Longman III (Ph.D., Yale), Mark L. Strauss (Ph.D., Aberdeen) and Daniel Taylor (Ph.D., Emory).  While recognizing the weaknesses inherent in any translation, they strive to maximize the reader’s understanding by giving pertinent detail in [brackets]. The authors have clearly outlined the various in-text notations and what they signify.

From The Expanded Bible Introduction:

One of the virtues of The Expanded Bible is that it represents the best of both approaches, offering idiomatic renderings to clearly convey the meaning of the text, and literal alternatives to show underlying structural features and allow the reader to assess the choices a more meaning-based translation has made.

It is clear that the goal is to give the reader enough pertinent background information to discern the true meaning of any passage.  While reminiscent of the Amplified Bible, it goes far beyond a series of synonyms to include other related passages, cultural notes, as well as insight into other possible meanings.

An excerpt from Acts 10:

14But Peter said, “·No [Absolutely not], Lord! I have never eaten food that is ·unholy [profane; common] or ·unclean [ritually defiled; Cthe OT food laws differentiated Israelites from Gentiles; Lev. 11; Ezek. 4:13–15].”

In this example, the bullet immediately preceding the brackets notes where to start any possible substitution.  The brackets signify the end point.  “C” at the beginning indicates cultural insight.  The related passages are listed as well.  There is a depth of knowledge included on every page.

The authors filled the pages of this Bible with the tools necessary for serious Bible study for anyone for the full range from novice to expert.  This will make a great addition to your Bible study arsenal and personal library.


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