A Zombie Attacked My Hunger For God

zombieYears of over committing my time, working two jobs and raising kids left me dead tired at the end of the day.  I couldn’t get everything done.  It was overwhelming.  Slowly, I began making compromises just to be able to get to bed.  It wasn’t long before I let being tired and burned out dwarf my hunger for God.  In the end, I pulled back from everything including God.  Later I found myself looking at my life and wondering how I did I get here?  When I woke up from my Zombie state, constantly shuffling from one obligation to the next, I realized my hunger for God was gone.  I was just going through the motions in my faith too.  I didn’t love God any less; I just let the passion fade away because I was too busy and too tired to do anything about it.

When I first got saved I had some more seasoned spiritual veterans warn that my initial joy and passionate pursuit of God would eventually fade.  Since I could not conceive how this could possibly be true, I didn’t bother asking them why they felt that way.  If I had, maybe I could have guarded my time and my priorities so I wouldn’t have followed in their footsteps.  I have since learned you can’t be everything for everyone.  Only God can.

Lessons learned:

#1 Keep your priorities straight.  Unless you know what is important, it is difficult not to waver when it would be easy to make this one little compromise.  In all things, consider your priorities in this order:

  1. God
  2. Spouse
  3. Family
  4. Work

#2 If God is between you and your spouse, that relationship will be stronger.  Having God as part of your marriage will allow you to weather the many storms life has to offer, together.

#3 Guard your time so that your priorities won’t suffer, see #1.  It is so easy to take on too much.  Each individual task/responsibility doesn’t take much time.  But, when you add them all up, it is easy to over commit your time without even realizing you did it until it is too late.

#4 Live your life so that your priorities are apparent, see #1.  You don’t want to be the one that gets told, “I didn’t know you were a Christian.”  Look at your checkbook.  Where does all the money go?  If you follow your money, you’ll see where your priorities lie.

Life is too short to be consumed by anything but God.  Jobs, success, fear, hate, pressure, jealousy, needs, crises or disasters are just fleeting things to be dealt with.  God is so much greater than anything we may find ourselves in.  “With God all things are possible.” (Matt 19:26)

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