A Beautiful Passing

The Word LoveI recently had shared with me, by a very strong Christian man, the most beautiful story about the death his wife.  He shared with us the short fight with metastatic cancer she had finally succumbed to.  With tears spilling down his cheeks and a huge smile on his face, he told us of the final journey he and his wife shared.

They spent the last month together in the hospital room which would ultimately be a one way trip.  Their faith spilled over into the hospital staff around them.  They would come her room and pray with them for the wisdom of the doctors and sing in the Spirit as they came in and out of the room as their lives momentarily touched.  Even though the various treatments did not improve her state, she continued to defy the odds in that she remained coherent to the very end.

Eventually, he told us about knowing it would be their last day together.  No man could have predicted the day since she was still completely aware and engaged with her surroundings.   He just knew that one way or the other they would be leaving the hospital that day.  Either God would heal her and they would return home together or God would take her home.

The tears spilled down his rugged face as he told us of the gut-wrenching pain he felt.  He knew there was nothing wrong with him.  Even still, he looked down to see if he could see his shirt and stomach being bunched up and torn apart.  God reminded him that he had made them one-flesh and had to separate them to take her home.

They shut the door and said goodbye while she was still quite coherent.  She was laying back with her eyes closed as her vital signs began to deteriorate.  Later, he said that right before her final breaths, her eyes suddenly opened; like she was looking up.  Then she closed her eyes again and was gone.

It was a beautiful passing in that this fine woman of God knew without a doubt that she was going to be with the Lord.  It was a beautiful passing because she and her husband of 25 years shared this final journey together sharing their faith along the way.  It was a beautiful passing because, while he’s not sure what he’s going to do without her, he is at peace.


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3 responses to “A Beautiful Passing

  1. Sharon aka WGO

    What a beautiful story. TY. While reading, I relived the feelings I had while with my Dad as he passed on to Heaven. 😉

    • cariray

      Thanks for your kind words. Once again we’re shown that God walks with us through the hard times and will give us peace when we rest in Him.

  2. elizabeth ray

    wow! that is amazing i love the part about being one!

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