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A New Reality In California?

Kindergarden CopWho could have thought that some solid leadership based on reality could possibly be originating in California?  The usual brand of leadership that comes from the left coast leads people merrily down the path of social destruction through the gradual erosion of their values.  Once the shock value is gone in the theaters and on TV, people stop reacting to the previously unthinkable.

First Miss California took a stand based on her values with the outcome that her stand would not be popular with the “gentleman” who asked her question for the peagent.  I was proud of her for taking a side.

Now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken the reality of the economic mess California finds itself in to heart when he spoke to the legislature.

Today I want to talk about financial crisis. Three months ago the members of this body came together to set aside their ideological differences and did what they believed was best for California. We solved $36 billion of a $42 billion deficit.

But as you know, part of our budget agreement required us, by law, to go back to the people for approval, right at a time when the people wanted to send Sacramento a powerful message. And that message was clear: Do your job. Don’t come to us with those complex issues. Live within your means. Get rid of the waste and inefficiencies and don’t raise taxes.

Now, as I stand here today, we are in the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. in the past 18 months one-third of the world’s wealth has vanished. And because of that and because of California’s outdated and volatile tax system, our revenues have dropped 27 percent  from last year.

It doesn’t take a whole bunch of imagination to see the writing on the wall.  Tough choices have to be made in order to stay afloat.  The same sort of choices Washington would have to make if it couldn’t just spend all they want…they’ll print more.

Now, at the same time, we cannot take this budget and make it just about cuts. There are also some great opportunities here for structural reform. Like Winston Churchill said, “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity but an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

So we can all pray that California is successful in re-inventing their state spending habits.  If they are successful, they may have paved the way to a return to reality for the rest of the country.  One firm example of rising above and dealing with the issues reasonably should be an inspiration to the rest of the nation.

Talk is cheap, and until all of the governors dig in and tell Washington thanks, but no thanks, the wild orgy of spending will go unabated.  The states could shame Washington into doing what they should have in the first place.

We are not a nation of victims.  None of us should be looking to any government entity to solve our problems.  Instead, the American pioneering spirit that has laid dormant for generations should be re-ignited.  We each need to hold ourselves accountable for our own choices.

More importantly, we need to hold our elected representatives accountable for theirs.  We can’t allow them to side-step the laws that have been put into place.  Rushing bills through Congress, bailout/bankruptcy deals and removing business leaders without due process is abuse of power.  Our freedom came at a great price, we need to guard it as the priceless heirloom it truly is.  Washington needs to be taken to task for their choices.  Do not remain silent and wonder what happened.  Speak up and speak out for your Constitutional rights and the future of your nation.

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Is This America?

constitutionI am standing in total disbelief about the events I am witnessing here in America.

  • For reasons I cannot comprehend, the media is ignoring the import of what is going on in our country.  They attack anyone who doesn’t agree with the President or his policies.  Anyone with an opposing voice is shouted down and belittled.
  • A California pastor and his wife were told they needed a very expensive permit to have a bible study in their home (12- 15 people) because it was a religious gathering.  This is a Constitutional right being abused.
  • For the 2010 Census, “Right Wing Extremists” are being excluded from participating as census takers.  This is significant because then who will be able to argue when redistricting happens and conservatives loose what little representation they have in Washington.
  • A president of the United States has side-stepped the bankruptcy process that is already in place to be able to dictate the will of the UAW and other special interests with GM.  GM filed for bankruptcy with a commitment of $50 Billion dollars for a $500 Million dollar company in US tax dollars.
  • The Service Employees Union had a direct line to the White House when the California Governor slashed wages in an effort to balance the CA budget shortfalls.  Later SEU bragged they had raised 60.7 Million dollars and put Mr. Obama in office.
  • A president of the United States has roamed around the globe apologizing for America when in fact the US and Great Brittan have done more to further the cause of oppressed individuals than all other nations.  The president has made us look weak enough that Korea is ignoring our pleas to end the nuclear testing.
  • America has turned it’s back on Isreal.  The Israeli’s are not the agressors.  Why has our policy changed.
  • A woman nominated for Supreme Court of the United States is presented  based on her empathy.  The fact that she has made a statement before a Latino organization that stated that “A wise Latina woman” is more qualified to determine Constitutionality than a “white male”.  There is no sugar coating that remark.  It was said. There is no context that will help it either.
  • June 2009 was just named as Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Pride Month.  I am concerned when we are celebrating what used to be called sin.  I know that there are some who will say that I am intolerant because I cannot embrace that way of life.  I am sorry if  you feel that way.  I can love the sinner even if I can’t accept the sin.  I am not perfect and don’t pretend to be so.
  • Our deluded elected officials have bought into the idea that we can spend our way out of our economic mess.  Can anyone explain to me how we are going to add interest onto funds we don’t already have and NOT raise taxes?  The bill will come due.  Right now China is holding a lot of our debt.  When they decide to stop playing, our house of cards will collapse and we will become a 3rd world nation over night.
  • The Constitution and the ideals our Founding Fathers used to form this nation have been thrown out in favor of Socialism.  No matter what you call it, if you take away the fruits of their labors from the people creating wealth and working hard to give as entitlements to those who are less fortunate it’s not democracy.

These are just a few of the current events that cause me to loose confidence that I am still in America.  The America that I love deeply is one that adhere’s to the Constitution, respects the individual rights of it’s citizens and does what is right and honorable and good in the world.  The America I grew up in valued traditional marriage, solid education and excellence in all things.  The America I know is one where it’s citizens are proud of their heritage and confident in their future.  The America that I will mourn for will cease to exsist if we do not stop being the SILENT MAJORITY.

Keep in mind, there is no more time.  If you don’t think you can make a difference, think again.  America needs a grass roots reminder to Congress and the President – “You work for us.”  We cannot silently sit back and accept these blatant abuses of power.  It is important that you speak up and be counted.  God Bless America.

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