Book Review: What Difference Do It Make?

What Diff do it make.cover

By: Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent

When Ron Hall and Denver Moore set out to share Deborah’s enormous faith and love for the homeless in Same Kind of Different as Me, the preceding book, they couldn’t imagine what impact that would have on the many readers.  What Difference Do It Make? is filled with the stories of the many people who were touched and inspired by it.  As word of mouth spread about their first book, Ron and Denver traveled around the country encouraging people to get involved because one person can indeed make a difference.  Eventually, Ron and Denver had many stories of people who were led to do extraordinary things after reading about Deborah Hall.

What Difference Do It Make? is a collection of some of those amazing ways that ordinary people reached out to the homeless.  It is also the story of Ron’s journey through the unimaginable grief of a man who lost his beloved wife.  Denver shares the story of how he ended up homeless and hopeless in a down to earth manner.  Peppered throughout Ron and Denver’s journey, is the fruit that Deborah’s unconditional love bore as she lived her faith in action for the homeless.  This book will dispel any doubt that God moves in America today.  I highly recommend reading this book.


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