Book Review: Be The People by Carol M. Swain

Dr. Swain’s approach, to speak directly without tiptoeing through he facts with political correctness, is refreshing. Her personal history allows her to stand her ground and withstand any claims of racism or bigotry.

“The founders were certain that ‘piety and public virtue’ would help their new nation avoid decline and fall as prior societies had not. However, in contrast to the vision of many of the founding fathers, unprecedented numbers of today’s Americans have traded piety and virtue for the unfettered irreverence as they have emulated the immorality practiced by the fallen Greco-Roman nations and Ammonites.” ~ Swain, Be The People page 27

Carol Swain also wades, again without any hint of political correctness, into one of the most honest discussions of the brutal realities of racism, abortion, homosexuality, feminism, immigration and Radical Islam.

“For a brief moment in time, we believed we had entered a postracial era in American politics. We were wrong.” Swain, page 194

Be The People is an articulate, well-written and honest look at the state of the union as it exists today. America needs to reflect on the difficult truths that cover these pages. It has become clear that for Americans to Be The People, ordinary citizens need to join Carol Swain and call things as they are with direct honesty.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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