Faith and Politics

There are many who would argue that there is a legal requirement for the separation of church and state.  It’s is necessary to address that fallacy since they have gone so far as to ban prayer from high school graduations. There is no Constitutional requirement that faith cannot be a part of the fabric of America.  What is twisted to sanitize any mention of God is the in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

Our Founders wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t end up with the American equivalent to the Church of England where the king determined doctrine. The Federal government was specifically prohibited from creating a national religion. These were men of faith and never intended to remove God from our national character.

No matter how you edit history, nothing is going to change the fact that our nation has deep roots of Christianity. Our founding fathers formulated our form of government based on these Judeo-Christian values that We The People held in common. They assumed that while individuals may try a power-grab, the rest of society would flatly reject their efforts as inexcusable.

Everywhere you look these days unethical or illegal behavior is surrounding our political leaders.   Rod Blagojevich’s 17 guilty verdict’s, As those common values have faded, the self control, honor and good will towards others, that is necessary for our form of government to succeed fades as well.  Instead of being exceptional Americans at a time when our nation needs our leaders to pull together, we are being torn apart at the seams. We The People can no longer tell the donkeys from the elephants, there are so many progressives on both sides of the aisle pushing for the “fundamental transformation of America”, that they all begin to look the same…with no hope of being certain if any of them are trustworthy.

These demagogues have de-humanized the opposition so that they don’t have to bother their conscience with something so trivial is violating the trust of their constituents. Without being plagued by guilt for selling us all out, they happily join the political machinery that line the halls of Congress.

In the Federalist Papers,

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