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Book Review: The Employee Experience Advantage by Jacob Morgan

Cover-EmployeeExperienceAdvantageAny organization that wants to understand why they’re losing the battle to keep great employees needs to study Jacob Morgan’s new book, The Employee Experience Advantage. In it, Morgan defines the employee experience evolution in terms how the employer looks at the employment relationship and what the organization hopes to gain. Taking the reader from utility, “what do employees need to work”, all the way to experience, “how can we create a company where people want to show up vs. need to show up”, Morgan sets the stage to begin a journey to understanding employees and what makes them tick. He views “employee experience as something that creates engaged employees but focuses on the cultural, technological, and physical design of the organization”. Touching on the organization’s reason for being, Morgan shows that employees want to be a part of something with meaning, something to rally around. He examines the best and worst companies from his lens of the organizational experience to show what a cool physical environment, ace technology and a celebrated culture looks like. I recommend this book to leaders looking to build a great employee experience.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book for my honest review

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Raising Kids in an Amoral Age

tv3What do people fear?  Failure, the lack of acceptance, the dark, to die?  I believe that God wants us to do everything as though we are doing it for Him.  With this approach, should there be any reason to fear failure?  Could we not then face Him upon Judgment Day knowing that we had done our very best for Him?  Excellence is not a trait the current generation is growing up with.  Why?  As parents we have a duty to teach our children to become what God wants them to be.  Laziness, rudeness and selfishness are not gifts of the spirit.  Where did all of this come from?  We lost control over what goes into our children when we let TV be the babysitter.  We probably don’t even know what garbage is going in, but there is no doubt that garbage is coming out.

Two sources that bring the worldliness we never thought our own children would become a part of we pay to have present in our houses.  Knowing it’s very presence is a danger to the tender spirits of our youth, and if we really think about it ourselves as well, the Internet and cable TV are often ruling the evening’s activities.  These uncontrollable windows take center stage in our homes filling our minds with images that we hopefully would have turned away from in person.  Yet, how many hours every day have we turned over our children to the care of MTv/Viacom through Nickelodeon.  They have a platform to subtly plant the seeds of the culture to come.  No one honors families and marriage any more.  Glib and rude are the order of the day.

Worse yet, if you cry out that TV is changing our culture, no one will believe you.  They’ll tell you its not that bad.  Adults have realized that there are bad things on the Internet, yet we seem powerless to stop them.  We have software that can monitor their activities, but nothing can replace the time we should invest in our children.  Our time has become so precious that we don’t even have time to fix dinner at home every night.  We are so tired at the end of the day, we don’t have the energy to invest more of ourselves into the very lives we are responsible for shaping.  “Train them up in the way they shall go, and when they are old they will not depart from it.”  Instead we parents lie to ourselves to say that four hours in front of the TV is spending time with our children.  What are you watching?

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